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No Bake Tiffin with Mixed Fruit



I had some digestive biscuits leftover after making cheesecake recently. I was amazed that they had stayed relatively un-stale for so long so I decided to do something with them! I think that no bake cakes like tiffin are sort of de-constructivist; you take finished products (like biscuits and chocolate), break them up and re-form them into something new. How is that for recycling!


Melt 50g hard butter, 13g brown sugar and 1tbsp honey in a pot over a low heat.


Use a rolling pin or wooden spoon to bash up 120g of digestives in a bowl or a plastic bag. Roughly chop 75g mixed (dried) fruit and add to the digestives. Add the biscuits and fruit to the melted butter mix and combine.


Press into a (lined) loaf tin. Lining the tin (if you decide to) is definitely the most fidgety bit of this recipe. I have a really nice loaf tin and I am terrified of scratching the inside so I lined it with greaseproof paper. Maybe I need to learn to stop being so precious about my baking tins! As the tiffin does not get baked in the oven I actually used sticky tape to stick the greaseproof paper into shape!


Melt 100-150g chocolate. I melted my chocolate in a low oven (110C fan oven) as I have no microwave or appropriate heat proof bowl to create a double boiler. You can melt it whatever way you find easiest.


Pour the chocolate over the tiffin in the tin. Leave in the fridge for at least an hour to set.

Once the chocolate has set properly tip it out and slice. This is really easy if you have lined your tin!


Enjoy with tea!

Easy as a piece of cake!


Ingredients (approx. 8 pieces)

130g digestives

75g dried mixed fruit (or currants if you don’t have mixed fruit)

13g brown sugar

1 tbsp honey

100-150g chocolate (depending how thick you like it!)