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Sunday Sowings- Peas, Tomatoes and Citrus



Sunday again and it is time to sow more seeds for Spring. Seed sowing is one of the most exciting aspect of growing your own (harvesting has to top the list!). I just love seed sowing, the anticipation of the crops to come, the wonder of the potential of such tiny seeds and also the opportunity to get my hands a bit dirty and have a reason to be outside.


Today I sowed two more peas, the same as last week. Two peas in one 11litre container. Last week’s peas (on the left) have not sprouted yet. The weather has been a little cold but I was hoping they might have sprouted in a week.


In the seed cells the first great news is that my peppers have sprouted. Exciting times. They took almost 3 weeks to sprout, as expected. I have also sown some additional tomatoes. We are calling these Gardener’s Delight as we are not sure what variety they are, having bought the seeds in China. These are the ones we planted last year and they were successful so they are getting another go with two plants this summer.


The final three modules contain seeds I collected from a citrus fruit given to me by a friend. She brought it back from a relative’s garden in Italy. The fruit was small like a mandarin or such. A few months ago I was having a drink in our local pub when I picked a book off the bookshelf and came across the instructions that you can save a seed from a citrus fruit and plant it in early Spring. I though “well, why not!” and put it into my diary. So that is why I have decided to sow these ‘pips’ and see what happens. Maybe in 10 years time I will have some lovely mandarin trees growing in my future garden and I will be glad I bothered!