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Let There Be Peas



I am so pleased to report that the first peas of the year have sprouted. Impatient as always I was sure they had gone mouldy underground on account of the rain a couple of weekends ago. Or I thought maybe they had sprouted early in the morning and been eaten up by one of the pigeons who like to hang around scaring away the smaller birds. But they didn’t. After two and a half weeks they finally sprouted and restored my faith in the weather! I must admit that it has required a certain leap of faith to continue sowing peas the last two weekends when there was still no sign of the first lot peeking up!


I believe that Hurst Greenshaft can grow to about 2½’ tall (76cm) so I will need to stake them or set up some mesh for them to climb. I mistakenly bought short stakes as I thought pea plants were quite small. So some support building will be required. I hope they don’t mind a little disturbance.