Homemade Newspaper Containers Tutorial



I have seen quite a few people making these cool newspaper pots for their seedlings on Pinterest so I decided to give it a go. The advantage of these pots is that the newspaper will degrade into the soil so you can just plant the whole thing, pot and all, once your seedling is big enough to be planted out. This seems like a really great idea so if it is easy to make then I am interested. Here’s what I did;


Get some newspaper and any tin from the larder. I used this slightly smaller than average tin of peas because I wanted some small pots. I think this would be a great use for some of those free morning newspapers that litter the tube every weekday in London!


Fold a spread of the newspaper in half lengthways and use the tin to roll it up. I did not use any sticky tape to fix the end closed as I want to plant these pots out with the seedlings when the time comes.


Fold the excess newspaper back over the tin at one end. If you start by folding in the loose end of the newspaper roll this should help to secure it in place.


Use four folds to close over the end of the pot. Again, I did not use any sticky tape here to secure the pot.


Slide the tin out and invert. You have your pot! The newspaper pot is not very secure to stand on its own but once you fill it up with soil it should have enough weight that this is not a problem. Fill with soil and sow! You can also scrawl the names of the seeds you have sown on the outside of the containers. It might have been more sensible to do this before rolling them up but you live, you learn!


I placed my pots inside this plastic container to ensure their stability. You can see that I also experimented with a toilet roll holder as a container. I am more sceptical about the toilet roll holder as the cardboard is quite thick and I am not convinced that it will break down very well if I plant it out. The container is also quite small so it will not last very long before the seedling needs to be potted up.

Conclusion; I think these newspaper containers are a hit! They are really easy to make and quite versatile. My only real concern is watering as they might be prone to disintegrating, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

Happy potting!



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