Sunday Sowings- Peas and Tomatoes



Today was a lovely day here in London. The sun was shining and I was glad that I had scheduled some things to do in the ‘garden’ other than just potter around all 5m² (or however big it is) of it poking at this and that. I know it is a silly thing to complain about but small gardens do not take much maintenance for the most part of the year. Of course in the height of summer I will think differently, as I monitor what is dehydrating on the roof terrace and worry about every little thing if the sun hasn’t shone in a few days, as can happen here in England!

Fortunately for me I put in a few days of dedicated organising in February. At that time I decided all the crops I wanted to grow and scheduled when to sow all my seeds in my diary. Potting up and planting out will be done as necessary but I find it hard to keep track of what to sow when so it is really handy to have it all in my diary like that. Thanks me!


These are the crops I sowed today; The first container of peas (Hurst Greenshaft). I am honestly a bit confused about peas because I thought they were supposed to be the earliest of crops but apparently now is still a bit early to sow them… I think maybe I was supposed to sow some last Autumn or something… Well anyhow, I have planned to have quite a few peas this year as last year we only got about two peas. So today I sowed the first container and I placed two seeds into it. I will plant more in a week or so to try and stagger the crop. I hope two is an appropriate amount to sow in a container this size. The only instructions I can find are for sowing in drills so it is not that easy to translate to pots.

Next was tomatoes. There are plenty of tomatoes on the agenda for this summer and I sowed two varieties today. The first is a really early variety called Latah. I am excited about these for two reasons. Firstly they are a bush variety so they should be perfect for container growing. Secondly they are very early so we might, fingers crossed, have tomatoes as early as JUNE! Wow, that would be amazing as space is so valuable on the terrace and last year we didn’t have much of a tomato glut until September.

Finally, I sowed one tomato Marzano. This is a large variety of plum tomato. This should make a large plant that will require a large pot for a long season. I decided to grow this one for a few reasons; to extend our tomato season after the Latah are finished, to have another variety of tomato (and hopefully store some in jars for the winter…) and also just to try something new. The tomatoes were a big hit last summer so we want to try out more than one variety this year.


That was my Sunday sowings. You can also see that two more of the cells in my seed tray (to the right) are filled. These are where I sowed sweet peppers a short while ago. These have not sprouted yet but I believe they should take 2-3 weeks to sprout so I am being patient with them still.



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