Sowing Pepper Purple Beauty


One of the things I promised myself I would do this year is sow my seeds at the correct time. Last year I took a few chances with sowing too early or late and in the end I was mostly disappointed.

The first of my main crops for this summer need to be sown now in order to allow them mature for as long as possible. These are sweet peppers. I am really excited to be growing sweet peppers this year. I didn’t think it was possible to grow them successfully in England but I have bought seeds for an early variety which should be ok in the London climate.


Adam requested these lovely purple peppers -called Purple Beauty- when I asked which colour he wanted! I have never actually tasted a purple pepper but I love all other peppers so I would be very surprised if they do not taste delicious. It is exciting to grow a variety which is a little bit different than what we normally buy or eat.


Peppers need to be sown in seed cells in a propagator. My propagator is not heated so I have sown one seed to each module and left it on a warm windowsill. It is self-watering so I can just leave them there until they sprout. Apparently they might take 2-3 weeks to germinate and need quite a bit of warmth.

I have sown two pepper seeds. Pepper plants are relatively small so they should be well suited to growing in containers. The reason I have only sown two is because they take a long time to mature and I am trying to be space efficient this year. Varieties which will be in their pots right through the whole summer are being limited to one or two plants!

I hope they germinate successfully. Sowing in a propagator is a good way to keep seeds warm when they are small but the last time I used it they got quite leggy so I hope that doesn’t happen again. Fingers crossed for them!



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