First Sprouts of 2012!



Weee, my first seeds of the year have sprouted! The seeds have been in the soil for a fortnight now and I was beginning to think the pea shoots were not going to sprout; but here they are. The soil was a bit damp when I sowed them so some of the seeds got mouldy and in the end only about half of them have sprouted.


The radish sprouted after one week and seem to be happy enough. They are leaning toward the window but it has been quite sunny recently and they are at a south facing window so they should be getting sufficient light.


As the pea shoots and radish have sprouted I decided to sow a few other indoor crops today. There is now a pot of mixed salad leaves and a pot of basil on the kitchen windowsill. It might be a bit early for basil but we decided that it is worth a shot. Seeing as they will remain indoors and the weather is warm now they might be ok. And if the seeds don’t germinate successfully we can sow some more in a few weeks. Bring on the new growing season!



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