Bento Lunchbox



Look at this cute little bento lunch! This year we have been really good about making all our own lunches for work. It is a great way to save some money and time every day (I don’t want to spend my whole lunch break standing in a queue for a sandwich). The downside of taking your own lunch is that it can get boring sometimes. So I have been trying to keep it interesting by making it bento style.

Here is what we are eating this week; raw carrot sticks, homemade bread roll with leftover chicken (from Sunday roast), raw cucumber sticks, homemade mini quiche. This is a really nice balanced lunch and it is very filling. We usually bake the bread rolls and mini quiches one weekend and are sure to prepare enough for two weeks; then freeze most of them. That consolidates the effort a bit and we can just defrost as much as we need the night before. I will do another detailed post about making the mini quiches.



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