Sowing the First Seeds of the Season



Today was one of those days when I just seemed to keep going and got tons of stuff done. It’s a shame those days are so rare! My greatest achievement of the day was to finally clean out the two planters on the living room windowsill and sow some fresh seeds in them.

Look at the state of the planters! I am so ashamed: I just left them like that for months out of pure laziness. Well today I finally picked all that dead stuff (spinach and rocket if you are wondering) and put it all into the bin (since composting is out of the question!).


I added quite a bit of water to each planter box. At first I thought one lot of water would be enough for each but even after leaving it to soak in for an hour I was amazed when I turned the compost with the trowel to see that just below the surface was still bone dry! So I added lots more water and left it all to really soak in and re-hydrate the compost.

Once the compost seemed sufficiently moist I turned it all a bit with my trowel. Then I dropped pea seeds onto the long green tray and pushed them down with one finger. Radish seeds onto the terracotta coloured tray. It should be the correct time of year to enjoy some pea shoots and hopefully some radish too!


I think they look a bit better now. I hope that a good dose of water and some fresh seeds will be enough to bring them back to life. The weather is still very cold here and that window is not very well insulated…


IMG_2494 IMG_2495

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