Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Eggs in Baskets



Like so many people I am a bit sceptical about commercial holidays like St. Valentine’s Day. I don’t like being coerced into acknowledging my love but I also feel slightly cheated if I don’t get anything. Ah, so much pressure! So I decided that this recipe would be a happy compromise- something easy which I already happily make as a special treat for the man in my life, with a valentine’s twist!

Eggs in baskets are not very complicated. It is just a matter of balancing the time and heat so that the egg cooks through before the toast burns. I cut two thick slices of slightly stale bread. On account of baking all our own bread (in the bread machine) I was able to use thicker slices. Any sliced bread will work for this recipe. The only thing to remember is that if the bread is thinner the hole should be bigger, so it can hold all the egg!


I cut two heart shapes out of the bread using a sharp knife. I don’t have any fancy heart shaped cookie cutter, I just did it by eye, maybe it helped that the bread was slightly stale already!


Butter both sides of the bread (plus the little heart shaped cut outs) generously.


When it comes to frying the eggs in baskets opinions differ. What I do is this; I place all the bread flat into the pan over a low to medium heat and fry one side first. When that side is crispy and golden I turn it all over.


Then I pour one egg into each hole. I normally crack the eggs into a glass first to make this easier (thanks for the tip Adam!). Once the eggs are in the holes the heat is turned down low and I put a lid on the pan. I think a lid is the secret to perfectly fried eggs, sunny side up!


Ok I admit it, my eggs do not look perfect, the white has cooked over the top of the yolk. I don’t know what happened, this is not an exact science… I guess I will have to make them again and again until I get it perfect!

Finally you can just supervise the eggs in baskets until they are done, maybe 5-10 minutes cooking time. Add a twist of salt and pepper and serve with a nice glass of orange juice! Yum yum, easy Valentine’s breakfast.



Ingredients (for two eggs in baskets)

2 slices of bread


2 eggs

Salt and pepper to taste

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