Easy Falafel Burgers



I am not ordinarily a big fan of chickpeas. I usually try to avoid eating them in their whole form because I don’t really like the flavour. However I recently bought a bag of them because they are cheap and nutritious so I thought I should try to find a way to enjoy them. Well, this is the best way!


This recipe is so easy and fast. If you have dried chickpeas then measure about half a cup of them, soak overnight in lots of cold water (they will double in size). If you want to use chickpeas from a tin instead I am sure that would work just as well.

When they are soaked add half a chopped onion and some coriander (I used a frozen ice cube of coriander from my freezer). I believe cumin might be the traditional seasoning but I didn’t have any so I used a mix of nutmeg, chilli powder and turmeric which worked well. Any herbs or spices should probably work. Blitz it all in the blender.


Once it is blitzed into about this consistency you can shape them into burgers. I imagine you could actually shape them any way you like, if you wanted smaller pieces for a salad or something. Try to compact them because my only criticism of this recipe is that the burgers crumble easily. You can leave them to dry a bit for half an hour or so if you have extra time or you could prepare them in advance and leave them in the fridge.


Then you can fry them! You have to be careful sliding the burgers onto your frying pan so they don’t fall apart. One word of warning- they will soak up as much oil as you put on the pan!

I could hardly believe that the chickpeas did not have to be pre-cooked for this recipe but it is true. Just soak, blitz, shape and fry. How easy is that?

Serve on a bun with hummus and fried onions or with a side salad!




Ingredients (makes 2 burgers)

Half cup dried chickpeas

½ a chopped onion

1 handful fresh coriander

1 tsp spice (eg. cumin)


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