2012 New Year’s Gardening Resolutions



Bouncing off the back of my last post I have been planning, scheming and plotting for 2012.

Last year was my first year gardening so it was quite higgledy piggeldy. I made all the classic beginner errors like planting too many seeds, watering too much or too little, suffocating my plants with affection… This year I am planning (fingers crossed) to make a few changes to the format.

1. Quality not quantity; this year I am planning to grow fewer types of vegetables but to grow more varieties of the same types. This should keep things simpler without making it boring.

2. Patience and timing; I will try to sow all my seeds at the correct time. I was so naughty last year, I planted them whenever I wanted; but then I felt bad when they didn’t germinate or died.

3. A feast for the eyes as well as the tummy; I am going to try really hard to keep my garden pretty and tidy all the time and not abandon it when it starts to get problematic or plants start to die (ahem).

4. Share; I am going to try to share my garden with people by sharing food and seeds from the garden with other people (especially if I finally get a glut of something).

That’s my list, for now. I may change my mind in a week but I think that is a broad enough plan for me to be able to stick to. Now, all that remains is to get started!



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