Easy Pressure Cooker Chicken Stock


We had roast chicken for dinner the other day. We love buying a full chicken, roasting it and having plenty of chicken for a tasty dinner and enough leftovers for sandwiches. Adam has introduced me to the idea of making chicken stock with the finished chicken carcass. I love that this makes it even more economical and we get some really tasty stock for our freezer. The only problem is that stock takes a few hours to cook and we usually make a roast on Sunday evening.

Well I have found the solution; pressure cooker stock! I found this pressure cooking blog and realised I could make chicken stock in half an hour. Yay!

I just popped the carcass in the pot with some garlic, herbs and whatever few vegetables I had in the fridge. I used the final storage containers to add the liquid. I keep empty butter and big yogurt tubs in one of the kitchen cabinets and that is what I froze the stock in once it was ready. So I used these tubs to add water the pressure cooker so that I could make the correct amount! Then I brought it up to pressure and cooked it for 20 minutes. Easy!

Now I have four nice tubs of stock in the freezer ready to make fresh soup.



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