Compost Disaster


Well, we tried. We have tried to make compost on our roof terrace by putting it in a tub and maintaining it. I tried to balance the wet with the dry, to air it regularly and to mix it all up every week or two. But we opened it yesterday after being on holidays for two weeks and the smell was quite overwhelming!

Sadly, we have had to do away with the compost heap. I know it was ambitious to try and do this on a roof terrace but I still think it was worth trying to see if it would work. I guess we are sort of back to square one. Is there any homemade solution for compost if you have no soil or worms? There must be a suitable answer but I have managed to find nothing yet.

For the meantime we are going to revert to throwing all our garden and kitchen waste into the normal bin until we can find an appropriate solution.

Emma 😦


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