Is This a Glut?


IMG_2047I hate to admit this, even to myself, but after waiting months for our tomatoes to ripen, after nurturing them from seeds up to four impressive plants, after driving 20miles with them tucked up in the back of the car and carefully moving them into their new home, after all the love and affection we have poured on them… we are both pretty much tired of eating them already!

I feel guilty but it is the truth. Probably we are not really used to having to eat seasonally so we are a bit spoiled. Also the delicious sweet taste of cherry tomatoes can become just a little bit too sweet once you start to get more than a kilo a week for a few weeks!

So, guilty admission aside, I am obviously not going to let them go to waste. As usual, I did a little research on the internet. Amazingly, after regularly browsing websites about making tomato sauce or relish involving complicated sterilisation rituals, I found this lovely website and a description of freezing small tomatoes. This sounds too good to be true! The homely side of my personality would love to cook up a big batch of relish or a tasty tomato sauce but the practical side of me realises that I have neither the time or equipment right now and the tomatoes are continuing to ripen every day!


We were off on Saturday morning for a brief weekend in Lancashire so I grabbed a punnet (600g) of ripe tomatoes off the plants, washed and dried them, placed them in the freezer on some baking paper as our fridge freezer does not fit a baking sheet. When we got back on Sunday evening they were all frozen so I transferred them to a freezer bag. This might just change how I look at those tomato bushes outside and the prospect of our home grown tomatoes all through winter until next summer is finally realistic!




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