Romanesco Experimentations


Just look at this amazing cauliflower we bought today! We were in Lancashire this weekend and we dropped into Booths supermarket. I must say, it is a fantastic supermarket with a great looking vegetable section. This beauty, a Romanesco cauliflower, caught my eye and it was love at first sight! Funny enough, when I did an internet search for recipes the first hit I got was Miss Thrifty, who also found it in Booths!


IMG_2056I cooked it up similar to how she describes it. I was a bit distracted and forgot about garlic, which is amazing as I would describe Adam and myself as ‘heavy users’ of garlic! I did add extra pine nuts though. It was served as a side dish to this feta, spinach (from our windowsill plantings) and onion quiche I also put together this evening after we got back from the North.

It was definitely a success. It is more nutty and tasty than normal cauliflower and the pine nuts really brought out the nutty flavour. If only we could get this delicious vegetable from Ocado where we are now getting all our groceries from…



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  1. Yay – so pleased this recipe worked for you! Booth’s does do a good line in weird and wonderful fruit & veg; I have never seen Romanesco cauliflowers in any other shops here in Yorkshire, but have been able to tell that that they are back again because that recipe of mine from last year has been getting plenty of hits all of a sudden…

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