Potatoes Potatoes


I must admit that I am very pleased with the success of the potatoes so far. After only four weeks the first crop have shot away and they are massive. They were practically falling out of their bags this morning so I rolled up more of plastic added another few inches of compost to each sack, after taking this photo.


The second crop are also coming along very well. Everything has sprouted, including the supermarket bought spuds on the left. You can see that the ones from the supermarket are not as strong as the other but I will defend them by saying that they were not chitted for as long and I think next year it might be possible to get some good crops from any potatoes we have, so long as we organise ourselves far enough in advance. The only problem I can forsee for them now is that the tub I planted them into is too shallow for me to earth them up once they grow big, oopsy.



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