Surprise Vegetables!


On Thursday evening when I went outside to water all the vegetables I found this little mushroom popped up in the carrot container. I have no idea where it came from or how they spread but it seems to be happily tucked in next to the water pipe.


IMG_1993The next morning I went out to see how it was and it had another little friend in the middle of the container.

I tried to figure out what type of mushroom they are and, importantly, whether or not they are edible. I checked the ‘Food for Free’ book but I couldn’t recognise them as one of the edible species in there. I also did a quick search on the internet but no luck there either. So I decided to just leave them alone and not make any plans for a small mushroom dish!

Since Thursday they have both shrivelled quite a bit and don’t seem to be spreading any further. What an unusual and interesting visitor!


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