Christmas Potatoes


As mentioned I planted some seed potatoes two weeks ago. On Thursday evening I saw the first little leaves sprouting from them and by yesterday they had all sprouted.

I dutifully piled more compost on top of the sprouts as I have read this might encourage them to sprout more roots and therefore more potatoes down the line. I could hardly believe it when two of the sprouts had come through again by this morning!

IMG_1919 IMG_1918

I have just done some more reading about earthing up potatoes and realised that I have the whole thing wrong. Damn it! It seems I was not supposed to bury them immediately but wait until they were quite big and then add more soil. Woops! I hope they recover ok.

As the only seed potatoes I could find online to buy were charlotte I decided to wait a couple of weeks between planting them all. Charlotte are tasty and small salad potatoes but I don’t think they will keep very long once they are ready. It would be a big shame to get a few kilos of fresh potatoes and have them go to waste. So this morning I planted the final seed potatoes.


They have been sitting in an egg carton in the sun for two weeks and were really dry and ready to be planted. I also planted a few ‘salad potatoes’ we left in the cupboard and which sprouted a little bit too. The salad potatoes have also been sitting in the egg carton in the sun but they were not as old as the seed potatoes so they were not as dry. They are an experiment into chitting our own spuds, hopefully they work out.


So we now have six pots of potatoes growing away outside. All the bought seed potatoes are in old compost bags, folded down to allow for additional soil once they are earthed up. The shop bought salad potatoes are planted into an old plastic tub that was on the terrace when we moved in as I as all out of containers for planting into.

I am looking forward to tasty, fresh potatoes by Christmas!


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