July Summary


July was an incredibly quiet month for the garden, all things considered. We went away for the first week of the month and came back to find our crops all a little wilted and somewhat in shock from the neglect! The second week of the month we moved to our flat. We were fortunate enough to get a loan of a car for the weekend so we moved all our own things on the Saturday and headed back for the plants on the Sunday.

Moving so many pots full of large plants in the height of the summer is definitely not advisable! All stakes had to be removed first which immediately resulted in two stalks of beans totally collapsed into the pots. The tomatoes were slowly and carefully twisted down until they were half their original height and very twisted. Then large plastic bin bags were carefully placed over them to hold them in that shape before lifting them into the back of the car. The courgette stems both split in the Spring so they were not very strong. They had to be arranged carefully in such a way as to have a little support. Finally the pea, bay and rosemary cuttings, basil, strawberries, canes and utensils all had to fit in around the seven large pots easily taking up all the space.

I drove as carefully as I could, in a very strongly scented car, all the way to the flat where we brought it all up to the terrace and forgot about it for a couple of days in the chaos of unpacking, buying kitchen utensils, work, exploring etc.

After a few days we finally unpacked the tomatoes which were not very happy about being straightened out again and never really regained a ‘tidy’ shape. I made a new ‘tripod’ for the beans and tied string around it at higher levels. Then I very carefully wound the stems around the canes and string in the hope it would recover.

So, long story short. Everything survived! The beans slowly took hold of the canes again, the tomatoes looked exhausted and very stressed for over a week but finally started growing again, the courgette plants even gave us our first fruit, which was a beast because it was left too long on the plant.

I had expected July to be a big month in the garden but, aside from our self imposed labour from moving to the flat, there was not a huge amount going on. We got one courgette and nothing more. The strawberries were finished by July and no new crops had taken the baton. I didn’t get a chance to plant any new seeds either for late crops, which was a real shame, but we had no compost, never mind time!


ps: hopefully I will be able to post a picture of the car stuffed with plants soon Smile



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