Basil Greenfly


I haven’t posted for a little while because I have been busy. I also haven’t posted for a little while because all is not well in the garden and I can’t bring myself to photo the state of the plants.

The weather has been cold and overcast for almost two weeks as far as I can remember. There is no sunshine to ripen the strawberries which are all half grown and there are no bumble bees buzzing about to pollinate the tomatoes or courgettes. It has also been raining and windy so the two courgette plants have had their stems snapped from the wind. Oh, it is a disaster out there. At least the peas and beans seems to be just about surviving.

Inside we have lots of basil. Basil coming out our ears. Lots of basil is good news. Unfortunately the plant which was brought in from inside has become a bit of a greenfly breeding ground. I have been keeping an eye on it since it came in because I found one or two flies on it already. Last night I noticed eggs and did a thorough inspection. The case had suddenly gotten quite out of hand. I picked more than ten leaves off the plants, all with multitudes of little eggs on the underside. I think I managed to get them all but I will have to keep a close eye on it from now on. I also checked the other plants but they seem to be clear for now.


This invasion of insects makes me think about the insect problems we have been having outside as well. We have been staying in the suburbs and the plants were initially under a rose bush. This has resulted in invasions of greenfly, whitefly and blackfly. The courgettes now also have ants in the soil. Honestly, they are all totally covered in insects, and not the good kind. We realise that the tomatoes and courgettes might not work out so we are prepared to possibly abandon them and try some new seedlings soon, in the hope of a late harvest. However, I am now very concerned about the state of our soil. I do not want to move to a new apartment, with no insects or problems, and just bring all these little eggs with us in the soil. Then we might end up losing a second crop and possibly a lot of heart about the whole situation.

It does look like we are going to have to resort to some sort of pesticide to kill everything before we move. We didn’t want it to get to this but I don’t think we have any choice. We will research the options and see what choices we have but I don’t want to take any chances on starting a new colony of those pesky black fly in our new garden.


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