Mixed News from the Garden


IMG_1351Since all the rain and cold weather at the weekend the vegetables are not looking great this evening I decided to fertilise them all, despite none of them really needing much water.

The tomatoes outside looks really tired and unhealthy. The stems on all of them have turned quite a dark colour since the rain. I am not sure if they are bruised from being bashed around with the wind or if they are damaged from too much rain directly onto them. Either way they are not in good shape and may not survive, or bear fruit if they do.

Neither courgette plant looks up to much either. The flowers have shrivelled and I am not sure if they were pollinated in time. The second courgette plant was moved outside on a warm day last week, in full health, just in time for a good bashing of wind and rain at the weekend. The bad weather started when we weren’t at the house so there was nothing we could do. This plant previously had a broken stem but it seemed to have healed. Unfortunately it looks like it may be broken again. I must admit that we were both a bit upset about this plant this evening because it has been such a fighter and really it is our fault for putting it outside without hardening it off properly, even if we couldn’t have known about the weather change. 

IMG_1348 IMG_1346

Better news is that the pea, which is still low on the ground, has had some flowers and now also has its first pod! This is the first sign of real fruit that we have seen from any of the plants! The pea has been a bit of an overlooked gem in the garden since we acquired it. It is in it’s own pot and we didn’t start it from seed ourselves so I tend to overlook it when I think about our vegetable collection. I think I should start paying it a bit more attention.

IMG_1344 IMG_1342

The other little gem is the beans. The beans have hardly complained at all. They have been climbing away and now some even have flowers on them. Surely it won’t be too long before we have fresh beans to eat from them. Fingers crossed.

IMG_1345 IMG_1355

The basil, overall, has been a success. On the surface it has been a real success, it is prolific and we have been eating plenty of it every week. The downsides are that it seems to be malnourished and cramped in its pots. I have taken to feeding it once a week with the tomato food but it is recovering only slightly. It seems that basil requires more space than we allowed (3 to 6 seeds per 4” pot). One of the plants has set flowers now, which I doubt is a god thing for our crop. This evening I also picked some greenfly off one of the plants inside. The leaves on that plant have been subject to greenfly attack already. All in all it has been nice and easy, we will definitely grow more and again!

Our conclusion from all that is happening now in the garden is that it is definitely time to get some second crop plants going either to follow or replace our existing lot. It is getting a bit late for planting new seeds but we will give it  go in the hope of getting at least one good crop of tomatoes and courgettes. We may also plant some new vegetables as well, if my excitement and impulsiveness are not contained!



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