Cold Weather Planning


The weather at the moment is surprisingly cold and wet. It has been raining on and off for about three days including quite a bad storm on Friday evening. This means that the plants are all well watered, if not a little cold. It seems, surprisingly, that there is very little for us to do with them this weekend. This is definitely a first! Well, there is one thing to do, we can eat the few ripe strawberries we have straight from the plants!


I love tending the vegetables but it is also nice to have a weekend off and get a chance to get back to planning! We have *fingers crossed* found a flat in London to move to in about a month. It has been a slow and tiring process trying to find somewhere to live with our own piece of private outdoor space. Honestly I was near the brink and almost considering abandoning the plants in favour of our own comfort. Fortunately we got really lucky and found a flat with a nice private roof terrace attached. This means that we now know for the first time how much space we really have to work with. This is a great relief and also very exciting as I can start planning additional pots full of all the things we have held off planting so far!


As we won’t be able to move to the new place until mid-July today is going to e dedicated to finding out what late sowings we can do. All the plants we have now were sown quite early so we should be able to get a second round sown soon and ready to plant out around the time we move into London properly. That means that we will be able to have follow on crops once our current vegetables are finishing up.

Planning comes close to growing vegetables on the list of things I really love to do. So planning what vegetables to grow is going to be a fun few hours this afternoon. Smile



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