Herbilicious Leaves


The herbs have really cheered up since we transplanted them last weekend. They seem to be pleased with the addition of some compost, lots of water and more room. After transplanting them I read that both lemon balm and marjoram will spread so we will probably need to thin this pot out later in the season. We are really learning as we go with all of our plants.

IMG_1324 IMG_1323

Each herb has a few issues. In order of the pictures; the marjoram has some dried out leaves and looks a bit malnourished and yellow. The lemon balm also has some leaves drying from the tips up and it is quite yellow (although this might be normal as we are not familiar with these herbs).

IMG_1322 IMG_1319

The sage has a few less healthy looking leaves although the plant has really come along in leaps and bounds since we bought it in April. The mint is in its own pot where it has plenty of room to spread and give us a big crop of delicious leaves later in the year.


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