Blushing Strawberry Fruit


The strawberries are coming along well. It looks like the first of our fruit is small and nearly ripe enough to eat. So far each of the three plants only has either one or two trusses of fruit. I am not sure if they will develop more. I expect they will ripen rapidly over the next week so we will need to keep an eye on them every day.


The strawberries have been doing OK for us this spring. They did have a bit of trouble with the leaves and flowers being eaten; we now suspect greenfly might be the culprit for that attack. But they have recovered, or struggled on, well. We built our cagefor them in time to keep the birds away. We can’t be certain yet that it will be totally effective but at least we are prepared! The only pest we found was this snail, cunningly hidden inside the net, making its way towards their delicious green leaves.

IMG_1312 IMG_1328

Here’s to eating our own home-grown strawberries very soon!


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