Tomato Transplanting


We bit the bullet this afternoon and bought three more large self watering containers for the tomatoes and courgette. We also bought bamboo canes, a smaller self watering container for our herbs and two bags of compost to pot them all up. This all came up to a fairly hefty bill. We hope (fingers crossed) that this will be the end of our initial, large outlay for our vegetable garden.


Of course the first year will always be the most expensive because from now on we should have almost all the paraphernalia we should need to keep us potted for, um, I don’t know how long! We are also hoping that our investment in these self watering containers will pay off in terms of reliability of our crops and also by minimising the amount of time we need to spend tending to them. There always seems to be something that needs to be done with the plants but hopefully after today we will have a bit of a break, apart from the impending strawberry picking. Although I don’t think we will ever see strawberry picking as a chore!

As mentioned in my previous post we have been neglecting our ‘seedlings’ a bit. We have neglected them to the point that the tomatoes are almost a metre tall each! We have not, however, neglected to water them regularly, so they do seem to be surviving surprisingly well considering their cramped conditions.

IMG_1244 IMG_1245

When we took them out of their pots they were looking a bit pot bound. The main thing that has appeared in the last week is that the leaves have started to look a bit yellow, like they have not got enough nutrients. This is probably because the plants have sucked every last nutrient out of the small amount of compost they had in their pots.

IMG_1251 IMG_1246

We potted them into a large self watering container each and watered them well. These two will be inside the shed for now. I suspect these two might stay indoors in the long run, when we move to our new flat.

We bought some tall stakes today as well so each tomato plant got a 6’ stake. We replaced the stakes on the older plants too as we were using borrowed ones. I doubt the tomatoes will grow to 6’ but I wouldn’t like them to be stunted by a short cane so they are now welcome to grow as tall as they like! The picture below is the two bigger tomato plants who have been in these pots for a while. They seem very happy with their new containers.




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