New Home for the Herbs


Our ‘impulse’ herbs have been confusing us. I keep reading that many herbs thrive on neglect but if we do neglect them they look very sad. Adam has decided that they are all a bit cramped in their pots and that we need to transplant them and give them a bit more space. The other advantage of this is that they will also be in one container so they are easier for us to manage, instead of many small pots to keep track of all over the garden.

We did not necessarily need to buy a self watering container for the herbs, considering their lower water requirements, but the price difference was so little that is seemed worth paying a little bit extra for a really good container that will ensure they don’t all dry out if we go away on holidays or forget about them!

I think they look really nice together in one pot, instead of three separate pots. These are our lemon balm, jerusalem sage and marjoram. We also transplanted one of our small mint plants but it had to go into its own pot as mint would take over in this one. We have given the mint lots of room because more mint means more mojitos!




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