Bank Holiday Transplanting


We had an extra day off work today so we decided to make the most of it by doing all the gardening jobs we have been meaning to do for a few weeks. If it is possible to have plant cruelty then we are probably guilty of it because the courgette and tomato ‘seedlings’ have been in need of transplanting for weeks and we haven’t gotten around to it until today.


We moved the previously transplanted tomatoes, beans and courgette outside on Saturday for good. They now have to fend for themselves a bit. Hopefully the wind will strengthen them up and not break them.

I accidentally left the un-transplanted courgette outside for a day as well and it looks like it might be a bit damaged. The plant still looks strong and healthy despite the roots and stem suffering a bit from the wind. I think it will probably be fine. It even has the beginnings of flowers like its bigger brother.

IMG_1237 IMG_1240

Amazingly there doesn’t seem to be much between the two courgette plants now in terms of size, despite more than a month of time difference between planting them. They are two different varieties so that might have an influence but it also seems that rushing to plant them at the earliest possible date did not necessarily save us much time in the long run.



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