Climbing French Beans


The French beans needed a lot of water in the reservoir of their self-watering container last weekend, after their first week. The self-watering containers are a bit of a life saver for us as we don’t have a lot of time to look after the vegetables. This week I have been making the effort to top up the reservoirs again mid-week. If we didn’t have the self-watering containers we would have to check the plants every day and possibly water them most days as well.

Before we got around to transplanting them the French beans were already tangling around each other and trying to climb the walls. They needed to be untangled in order to be planted but the long tendril on one of the broke a bit in the process. It didn’t snap off completely but it did look withered after a day or two.

Now that they are settled into their container with their canes I is clear that the plant with the strong tendril has made itself at home and started climbing the cane.

IMG_1193 IMG_1192

The one whose tendril broke still hasn’t managed to start climbing. The leaves look healthy so the plant itself seems to be in good shape. I hope the tendril recovers so it can climb up and produce lots of lovely beans for us. Adam has tied it to the cane with some string. I hope it recovers.

I think that in the long run we will need to either add longer canes to tie some strings up above the bean plants. The canes we used are a bit short so the plants will be restricted and we won’t get as many beans as we could.




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