Basil Comparisons


IMG_1171The basil has been doing really well recently and we have been enjoying eating it almost every day for a week or so. It is really interesting to see the effects of the different treatment each pot received.

The first pot is the strongest. This one has been inside on the kitchen windowsill since the beginning, where the sun shines in for the best part of the day. The kitchen is also the warmest room in the house. This pot has likely been treated the best because it is very obvious in the kitchen. I never forget to water it because I see it all the time.

This pot only looks so naked because we have been eating it! We had to pinch out the growing tips just over a week ago because it was getting tall. As we have been eating the leaves they are growing back. I had read that eating the leaves will make the plant bush out and it does seem to be working. Every time we pick one leaf two more start to grow from the stem. This is promising because even with four pots of basil I don’t think we have enough at the moment to make pesto or dry any for the winter. Maybe ten pots still wouldn’t been enough for us; we do love basil!

IMG_1208 IMG_1209

IMG_1169The second pot it also doing well. It was in the window of the downstairs loo for quite a long time. That is also a very warm room. The main difference is that I often forgot to water it in there. It has been in the kitchen window for a while now and it is looking quite good. It is a bit droopy and also a bit smaller than the first pot but it is definitely a success.






IMG_1170The third pot was upstairs in an East facing window. It has been struggling. It definitely has been getting the least water and sunshine. We only brought it down to the kitchen this week. One plant has grown much taller than the others and no matter which way we turn the pot it seems to steal all the sunlight. It is also drooping quite a lot and looks tired.






The final pot looks a bit sad by comparison. This one was also planted at the same time as the others but it has been outside, under glass the whole time. Here it is enjoying the sun and breeze outside today. I think it is quite healthy but it is much smaller. We might leave it outside for now and see how it gets along.




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