Shop Bought Self Watering Containers


Last weekend we bought a self watering container from a garden centre. We also bought most the bits and pieces to make our own self watering container. We were all set to compare the price and quality of each by putting one tomato plant into each and watching their progress.

In the end we were too busy. By Sunday evening we realised that we could spend a few hours building our own container for a cost of approximately £5 or we could go any buy another one from the garden centre for £6.99.

We planted the second tomato plant into a second shop bought self watering container. We didn’t add any other plants or seeds to it yet.


In general I enjoy garden tasks. I don’t mind watering and transplanting the vegetables. But with both of us working long hours and commuting to work there don’t seem to be enough hours in the weekend for all the jobs in the garden. For the sake of about £2 saving we decided we would prefer to spend the money and have a rest.

Having said that, we are hoping to have a bash at building the container tomorrow, if we have time, because we are still interested to make our own. The beans and courgette are bursting to be transplanted right now.



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