Strawberry Flowers


We were away for the long weekend so we haven’t done any gardening for more than a week. In our absence the weather was lovely and the plants were all very thirsty. Fortunately everything survived without us for the few days.


The strawberries have come along really well now. They are shooting up in all directions and they now have flowers on them.

I took this picture (apologies it is a little blurry) at dusk and only realised after that there are four greenflies inside the flower!


We really don’t know what has been eating the leaves of the strawberries but some of them are looking quite bad. We are also not sure if the culprit is continuing to eat the leaves or if the holes are growing as the leaves themselves grow bigger. One plant is worse off than the others. We might have to consider some kind of treatment for these, although the plants do look healthy in spite of the holes.



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