Basil Improvements


I feel a bit guilty for complaining about the basil almost two weeks ago. I suppose I wasn’t complaining really. I was worried. I was sure it was never going to grow and I didn’t understand why not. Well, it has grown! It appears that it was a simple matter of wanting more heat and water!

The first pot is a bit of a cheat actually. This one is the pot I brought inside and upstairs. But the truth is that I added four more seeds to this pot, which have all germinated. I consider it a success because there is basil in it now but the original seeds did not germinate outside.


This second pot was downstairs in the bathroom. Three of the four seeds germinated and they are doing well. This pot dries out quite a lot so we need to keep an eye on it. But it is all coming along well. I am considering dropping another few seeds into this pot to fill it up a bit. They would be a bit behind the basil in the pot now but there is probably no harm.


Finally this is the stuff which has been sitting on the kitchen windowsill. This pot was the first one to be brought inside so it is the biggest. I also dropped more seeds in this pot when I brought it in and most of them have germinated. So this pot is quite full. It looks good enough to eat!




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