Pilfered Peas


This is very naughty. We were out walking yesterday. One of the public footpaths we were on went through a field which was planted with peas. Well, we are almost certain they were peas. The path went right through the middle so it was difficult to walk through without trampling the seedlings. I decided that seeing as many of the seedlings will probably be trampled by dogs the farmer might not mind if we took just one specimen home and planted it ourselves. I know it is very naughty but it was just one from a field of thousands.

So we used some sticks to dig one seedling out of the ground. It was surprisingly hard to get out. The soil was very dry and the root went down much further than you might expect for such a small plant. We got down as far as the original pea which had been planted so that s probably the most important bit.


We put the seedling in a small plastic bag with a handful of soil and some water until we managed to plant it. As we weren’t at home it was temporarily planted into a small pot overnight.


This morning we found a nice deep pot for our new seedling. We filled it up with compost, made a deep hole using a piece of bamboo, and planted the seedling into it. Then we watered it well and put it in the sun with the rest of the plants outside. Hopefully it will take.

IMG_0858 IMG_0863IMG_0861

I think that peas are a bit notorious for not liking being transplanted. But, as it survived its first night looking healthy I think there might be hope for it. It will be great to have some peas to munch on in a few weeks if it does work.


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