Planning, Planning, Planning!


I have been reading. In fact, I was up half the night reading! I am trying to expand my knowledge of vegetable, fruit and herbs as quickly as possible while also being really busy in the rest of my life. Fortunately there are two of us so we can share some of the research work. But honestly I really enjoy reading and thinking about it all so that is why I stayed up late.

My main concern is that everything we want to grow needs a lot of sunlight and warmth. So, after the height of the summer I don’t really know what we are going to grow from Autumn until next Spring. It is not really urgent right now but I think it is a good idea to start thinking about it so that we don’t end up caught out. I took a photo of my sketchy ideas. This is fairly half baked right now but it is my initial plans for how to rotate crops to keep planting in succession. I think that companion planting and growing in succession will be the keys to us being productive. Right now I know little about companion planting so I am using my scant knowledge of seasonal crops to make rough plans for our containers.


We still don’t even know how big containers we will have but I think that we should still be able to use succession, even if we only get a couple of vegetables out of each pot. I can see us making changes to these plans as we learn more, but I think it should make a good start!



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