Impulse Buying Herbs


Despite my previous post about planning I had a bit of an attack of impulse buying this morning, woops! We went to buy some compost and found some herbs for sale really cheap. I am now trying to convince myself that it is ok because we can always grow them in a windowbox if we end up living in a very small apartment. From left to right they are lemon balm, sage and marjoram (oregano).


We have also had some mint donated to us so we now have two small mint plants. They are two different varieties, one is Moroccan mint and the second a mystery mint. They are quite small now but they will grow really quickly so we should be sipping mojitos made from home grown mint by the end of the summer!


This is now the extent of the garden we have accumulated. Most things are small still but some of them will grow quite quickly in the next few weeks (hopefully). Fingers crossed we find somewhere to live soon. There are also two tomato plants inside and a few pots of basil. No more impulse buying, I promise!



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