Happy Beans and Courgettes


I have been closely observing the beans so today I was amused to see that the original bean, which is about an inch up the stem, is starting to wither and crinkle. The soil is moist and the plant looks healthy. This must be part of the process. The plant must be sucking the last goodness out of this bean now.


The courgette has a new leaf. This leaf appeared almost overnight and it looks healthy.


The one piece of information we can’t seem to find about all our vegetables is how long they will give us fruit for once they start producing. This information is really important for planning how to plant in succession. In the absence of any idea about it we decided to go ahead and plant another courgette seed. This seed is a different variety; All Green Bush. We planted it in a plastic container cherry tomatoes came in from the supermarket. The container is an experiment.


Instead of the traditional method of planting more than one seed in the same small pot we have decided to stick to our method of trying one first and if it doesn’t work then we will plant another one in a few weeks. There will still be time to plant another seed and we won’t end up with either too many plants or having to throw away viable plants.


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