What’s Wrong With My Basil?


I have never had much success with basil. The stuff from the supermarket died. The stuff in Kunming didn’t work. Now this week, what looked to be successful basil has mould on it. I have done a quick survey of the four pots of basil we planted and, to be honest, they are not looking too happy.

The first one has been on the kitchen windowsill for a week or so. This one started in the garden but we brought it inside to a warm room, put cling over it until is sprouted and then put it in the sun. It has been doing well. On Saturday it was quite dry to Adam stood the bottom of the pot in water. This soaked into the pot and moistened the soil. About two days later it was covered in mould. Incidentally, I have been trying to find out how to deal with mould without much success so it is still there. I watered it from the top this morning so I will see if it goes away by itself. I also fan it every time I pass.

IMG_0664 IMG_0665

The second pot has been inside, in the same warm place that the first pot loved. It had two sprouts outside and since coming inside one more, small one, has come through. This pot keeps drying out. I can hardly keep up with watering it. I also soaked the bottom of this pot in water this morning to try to wet the soil quite thoroughly. It does have three sprouts now but they are growing slowly and I just have a feeling it is not very happy.


Outside the third pot is a slightly bigger pot. It had five seeds in it. Eventually four of these have sprouted. They are taking their time too. I am just too impatient?

IMG_0675 IMG_0676

The final pot is a mystery. This pot was beside pot no.3 the whole time. They got watered together, sat in the sun together and generally got the exact same treatment. This pot had four seeds in it and only one of them has sprouted. The one that has sprouted is still really tiny. I have decided to bring this one inside. For a change I am going to bring this one upstairs. It is not as warm but it is well ventilated. I suppose relative to being outside it is warm.


The good news for the day is that the beans- who are rapidly becoming a favourite crop of mine- are looking good. Plus the courgette, who I have not talked about much recently, is growing along well.


IMG_0685 IMG_0686IMG_0689

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