Book Review: 101 Facts you Should Know About Food by John Farndon (2007)


Facts About Food

I read this book a short while ago. I really took my time reading it because the chapters are short and packed full of information. I found it really gripping. The reason I took my time was only so that I could absorb the information between readings!

I realise the book is a few years old so my only concern would be that it might be somewhat out of date by now. In my opinion, even if some of the ‘facts’ are not 100% accurate anymore it is still a brilliant book to read. The information was quite shocking in many cases and it really got me thinking about the whole food industry.

The Author is based in London but I don’t think this is a book exclusively for UK readers. Many of the facts refer to other countries. In this global economy, what is happening in one country is becoming more and more relevant to everybody else.

I recommend this book for people, like me, who don’t know where to start with all the books on the market about food, supermarkets, farming etc. It is a really good summary and all the references are cited so you can easily figure out what to read next.

While looking for an image of the cover of this book I found it available to read online here. If you are using a Kindle, like us, you can easily download this pdf and either convert it to Kindle format or read it as a pdf. It is really great so see so much valuable information available for free.

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