Trouble in the Garden: We Have Mould


I was considering whether or not we should be fanning the tomato seedlings to strengthen them this morning when I realised that we have a bigger problem. The mould issue we had in Kunming seems to be back. I am pretty disappointed. The basil pot on the windowsill seems to be the worst hit, the tomatoes are still doing ok. This time I am determined to find a proper solution so I am going to research it today and find out what can be done. I suspect it is just an air movement problem. If that is the problem then we will need to look at some way to ensure there is air flowing around everything each day.


On a side note I am amused to see that we have extra basil sprouts in the pot. When we moved this first pot inside I popped four more seeds into it, just to be on the safe side. At that time I was sure that nothing was going to sprout. Now the four original seeds have sprouted and this morning there were also two of the new ones as well. I am not sure how many basil plants can fit in one small pot. Eight might be too many or it might be ok. If it is looking too crowded they can be moved later.




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