Everything has Sprouted!


Spring is definitely in the air here. When we left China we were sure it would be cold and miserable for a few months but the weather has been just amazing. It has rained very little, the sun is shining now and the days are getting longer. I don’t even have enough clothes with me for this weather; I am currently rotating about three tshirts! The best thing about the Spring is all the buds on the trees and flowers everywhere. Ahh, I am daydreaming now!

News from our garden is that everything has sprouted! Well, almost. I have been really enjoying watching the beans develop over the past few days. I have been documenting them over the past week since they came through. Here are the pics from the last three days.

IMG_0532 IMG_0545IMG_0522 IMG_0524IMG_0526 IMG_0540IMG_0602 IMG_0604

The tomatoes outside have sprouted now too. It is great to see so much success from the tomatoes. We didn’t bother with seed trays and planted one seed directly into each small pot. It worked; each seed has sprouted and now we have saved ourselves the job of transplanting them!

IMG_0541 IMG_0606

The first tomato that sprouted inside is a few days ahead of the rest so it has started to develop its second set of leaves on the sides. I keep forgetting to photograph how the tomatoes close up at night to sleep. I will try to remember one day this week. I think it is really sweet to see them go to sleep. They are really leaning towards the window so I also keep meaning to turn them at night so they can lean the other way the next day. I don’t want them to be too unbalanced and to topple over eventually.


We still don’t know where we will be living but I am currently toying with the idea of keeping the two indoor plants inside our next apartment. The ones in Kunming did really well inside and they would probably fruit earlier. At the moment, all going according to plan, we will have four tomato plants this summer. That is going to be great, lots of fruit. But if there is a chance we could stagger the crops so we don’t have a massive glut then it seems like a good idea. Hopefully we will find somewhere to live that we can keep one or two inside and then we can have early tomatoes and late tomatoes!

We brought another pot of basil inside because it is growing pretty slowly outside. Now there are two inside and two outside. The first one we brought in is growing much faster than the pots outside. This is the inside basil. The ones from outside are still really tiny.

IMG_0623 IMG_0622 

Finally the strawberries are growing away fast and strong. They are really basking in the sun today!


I think that is all on the garden for today. I am enjoying this stage of the process. There is plenty happening but we don’t really have too much work to do on it! At the moment we are watering our pots about every three days, depending how dry they are. The rest of the time we just admire their progress! We are off to plan our first barbeque of the season now.



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