Little Shoots


The weather yesterday was a bit miserable here. It was grey, cold and raining all day. The grass was wet so I didn’t go to check on the seedlings outside. However, the sun is shining brightly again today. I just got in and had a look; all is well with them! The courgette is fully out of the soil now.


The beans are coming along well too. The bean closer to the window seems to be a little bit ahead of the other one. This holds to my theory of the ones nearer the window doing better! The leaves are lovely. They look like a bean that has been split open and some leaves have come out! The top photo is the bean by the window. The bottom photo is the inside one.

IMG_0507 IMG_0508

The basil outside is also beginning to sprout. It is still smaller than the stuff inside, in fact it’s still not really worth photographing, but it is coming along at its own pace. This is the whole lot outside. The left two pots and the big one are all for basil. I think the pot closest to the window doesn’t have any sprouts yet but the other two pots have two or three each. The two square shaped pots are courgette. One is doing really well and there is no sign of activity from the other one. The two orange pots beside the courgettes are the beans. As you can see the one closer to the window is a little bit head of the one on the inside. They are both coming along well too. Finally the two pots on the right are tomato. Nothing is happening yet with these guys. I am not sure if I should bring them inside or give them another while outside. The weather today is really warm so there is still hope for them out there. The pot closer to the window was bone dry just now when I checked them. It’s funny how some pots of soil are drier than others. The courgette which has sprouted was the most moist of everything, despite probably requiring the most water to grow right now.


Other good news is that the second tomato inside has also sprouted under its clingfilm cover. I took the cover off and I am quite amazed how it looks just as big as the one that sprouted a couple of days ago.


Here is picture of the basil inside. It is progressing slowly to be honest. But we can be patient =)




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