Here is a slightly better picture of the basil sprouts. You can see the 4 of them here. I had another inspection of the pots which are still in the shed/ summer house and it seems like there just might be some activity out there with the basil too. It was too difficult/ small to photo but at least two of the seeds look like they are developing and will soon break the surface of the soil.


Other activity in the shed is that the courgette is getting bigger by the day. This photo is taken about 24hours after the one I posted yesterday.


The two French bean sprouts are still really small. This is them both. It seems that maybe the seeds closest to the window have done slightly better than the second row in. It’s hard to imagine that such a small difference would be so important but it does seem to be a factor. The courgette which has sprouted is also the one closer to the window.

IMG_0498 IMG_0499

The most exciting news of the day is that one of the two tomato pots we put on the windowsill with the clingfilm has already sprouted! I am very happy to see this little guy today because we already know what a joy tomato plants can be when they start to get big. I took the clingfilm off the pot which has sprouted because I don’t want to suffocate it. Hopefully it is still sufficiently warm for it to continue growing. Hopefully the other plants will also sprout in the next while but at least one of them is making a start. It has only been one day since the pots were brought inside. I am not sure if the tomatoes and basil were all on the brink of sprouting or if being in the warmth has been hugely important to them. Maybe it is a bit of both. The only reason we didn’t put everything inside initially was because we potted so many seeds and we don’t have space inside for them all. Considering the success we have had in the last few days I think we might start to consider some way of bringing more basil and tomatoes in.

IMG_0493 IMG_0494



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