Two Weeks Later; First Activity


I have been checking the seeds regularly over the past 2 weeks but nothing much has been happening. They have been watered when necessary and always get plenty of sun but I guess the weather has still been a bit cold so they have just decided to stay underground. Yesterday we decided to take one pot of basil inside to a warm room and see if there is any chance to revive it. I am absolutely stunned; it has sprouted already, overnight! So now we have 4 little basil sprouts. We did put another 4 seeds into the pot when we brought it inside but I don’t think they could possibly have germinated so quickly. It seems like the original seeds just didn’t like the cold in the shed and they wouldn’t poke up until it was warmer.

IMG_0471 IMG_0472

Excitingly there has also been some activity outside. Finally one of the courgettes is poking through the soil. I have been doing some reading about courgettes and it turns out that the plants are really big plus they can’t be trained to climb. So I am beginning to think that one courgette plant will be sufficient for us. I do love to eat them but we still don’t know how much room we are actually going to have in our new home, wherever it is!


On closer inspection the two French beans also seem to be coming along. I can hardly believe it! Even yesterday there was nothing happening with the beans. It was hard to get a good photo of the shoots coming up but I will keep a close eye on them all week and try to get some more photos of their progress.


The cuttings still look moist but we can’t be sure if they have taken or if they just haven’t dried out. The three strawberry plants are still sitting outside and they look very healthy. They have only been watered once or twice and they seem to be quite happy where they are. The leaves are bigger and they do seem to be growing.


The only thing which has shown no signs of life yet is the tomatoes. We decided to move two of the pots containing tomato seeds inside to another warm windowsill. We also put some cling film over the top of the pots to make little greenhouses for them and hopefully encourage them to germinate. Fingers crossed for them.


We will definitely be keeping a close eye on everything for the next few weeks as this is a really important and exciting time for all our little seedlings.

IMG_0467 (2)



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