Leaving Kunming =(


I am sorry to say this but we are actually leaving Kunming so the garden here is finishing up (but we will start a new garden soon). The tomatoes plants, which I feel infinitely proud of, have found a new home with a really nice couple who I am confident will look after them well. Amazingly one of the tomato plants seems to have its first little bud of a fruit. I touched each flower very carefully with my finger yesterday to move the pollen into the correct place. I was worried about them not pollinating so I looked it up and actually you only need one plant to get fruit because they self-pollinate. So all you need is a little bit of a shake of the flowers to move the pollen into the correct location for pollination. Just look how big and strong the tomatoes are now.

IMG_0019           DSC_0716


We decided to finally dig up the carrots and garlic, to see if anything was happening down there. I feel a bit bad for complaining about the carrots. They have definitely been slow but they have managed to produce the cutest, most tiny little crop of carrots I have ever seen. We washed them and ate them, very sweet!


The garlic was also coming along ok, but it would have needed more time to make a good crop. It is a shame to lose the garlic as I have heard that this year there might be a worldwide shortage of it. It is really easy to grow but it needs to be planted quite a long time in advance of when you will need it so you do need to be organised with garlic.



I have flicked back through all the photos and although many of our crops weren’t totally successful I still cant believe how much success we did have. I think we have both learned quite a bit here and hopefully our next attempts will be really successful.

Until our next seeds are planted,

Emma & Adam =(


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