Post Chinese New Year


We just got back from a 10 day holiday for Chinese New Year and the tomatoes have absolutely shot up. The weather must have been great while we were away because they have grown really fast. The upturned bottle watering system just about managed to keep them watered but I think that if we go away again they will need more water as they are getting very big now.

The carrots are not really progressing. I suspect it is because the trough they are in is too shallow or else they are too close together. Maybe it is a combination of both. I feel a bit like they haven’t really tried though because there is not even a tiny hint of orange or much root to speak of at all. I’m sorry they haven’t been a success because apparently carrots are one vegetable that really soak up pesticides. I love eating them so I was really hoping to have my own, pesticide free crop.


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