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Leaving Kunming =(


I am sorry to say this but we are actually leaving Kunming so the garden here is finishing up (but we will start a new garden soon). The tomatoes plants, which I feel infinitely proud of, have found a new home with a really nice couple who I am confident will look after them well. Amazingly one of the tomato plants seems to have its first little bud of a fruit. I touched each flower very carefully with my finger yesterday to move the pollen into the correct place. I was worried about them not pollinating so I looked it up and actually you only need one plant to get fruit because they self-pollinate. So all you need is a little bit of a shake of the flowers to move the pollen into the correct location for pollination. Just look how big and strong the tomatoes are now.

IMG_0019           DSC_0716


We decided to finally dig up the carrots and garlic, to see if anything was happening down there. I feel a bit bad for complaining about the carrots. They have definitely been slow but they have managed to produce the cutest, most tiny little crop of carrots I have ever seen. We washed them and ate them, very sweet!


The garlic was also coming along ok, but it would have needed more time to make a good crop. It is a shame to lose the garlic as I have heard that this year there might be a worldwide shortage of it. It is really easy to grow but it needs to be planted quite a long time in advance of when you will need it so you do need to be organised with garlic.



I have flicked back through all the photos and although many of our crops weren’t totally successful I still cant believe how much success we did have. I think we have both learned quite a bit here and hopefully our next attempts will be really successful.

Until our next seeds are planted,

Emma & Adam =(


We’re Alive!


The poor tomatoes were looking a little tired and drooping this morning so I filled up the ‘watering can’ (a 1.25l ex-coke bottle) with some plant food and lots of water and gave them a good feed. When I checked on them a few minutes later they were soaking up the water so fast I could actually see them moving, it was amazing! Those thirsty little guys. I wish I had a video camera to film it.

As the tomatoes have been getting so big we decided to top up the soil in their pots. When we first transplanted them they were so small we found it hard to imagine how big they were going to get. Now that they are almost a meter tall each I think they re going to need a lot more nutrient than they will be able to get from the meagre bit of soil in the pots. So this afternoon I filled each pot right up to the top around the stalk. None of the leaves are buried so hopefully it’ll be ok.


Tomato Flowers


Wow the tomatoes are flowering! They have truly been a success of our garden, and we never even expected them to take at all. Flowers mean fruit! Now we have to wait for them to get a bit bigger and we will have to pollinated them by hand as we don’t have many insects inside our apartment. I am not sure if it requires specific insects or if the odd mosquito would do… I guess bees are probably required.



Post Chinese New Year


We just got back from a 10 day holiday for Chinese New Year and the tomatoes have absolutely shot up. The weather must have been great while we were away because they have grown really fast. The upturned bottle watering system just about managed to keep them watered but I think that if we go away again they will need more water as they are getting very big now.

The carrots are not really progressing. I suspect it is because the trough they are in is too shallow or else they are too close together. Maybe it is a combination of both. I feel a bit like they haven’t really tried though because there is not even a tiny hint of orange or much root to speak of at all. I’m sorry they haven’t been a success because apparently carrots are one vegetable that really soak up pesticides. I love eating them so I was really hoping to have my own, pesticide free crop.