Sprouting Seeds


I have a new experiment on the go now. I read some stuff about sprouting seeds and I have decided to have a go at sprouting some myself. I bought this kit from a company called Living Food of St. Ives in Devon, England. I got a sprouting jar, a big bag of mixed seeds and a smaller bag of aduki beans, plus all the info I should need to get this to work!

It says one tablespoonful should be enough for a family helping, so I put one in the jar. It then says to fill the jar with water but I think that seems excessive. I am not sure if one table spoon is the most you can fit in at a time or if it is just a guide. So I went for one tablespoon of seeds and I quarter filled the jar with water from the dispenser (no tap water on food). Ill see how they go. They are now soaking overnight.


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