Watering System


As we head off for two weeks tomorrow, we finally implement a watering system to keep our vegetables alive over the holiday. Internet research reveals several automated watering systems available. We had in mind something DIY but with is being a last minute attempt are going for something crude.

The setup for the main troughs and smaller pots is a single elevated bucket of water with strips of cotton running from the bucket into each container. These strips were cut from an old t-shirt. Water should soak along them gradually, watering the plants over the next couple of weeks. The strips are just below the surface of the soil and run close to the roots along the length of the troughs.

The tomato plants have a separate watering system. For each pot an upturned 2L water bottle is pushed into the soil. Two tiny holes, one in the lid and the other at the bottom (now top) of the bottle, were made with a heated pin. This should release the water slowly into the soil.

Fingers crossed, hopefully there is enough water there to last two weeks. It would be a shame to lose our crops and be back at square one in the new year.


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