dormant kefir


we’ve been getting through a lot of milk making kefir drink every day. lately we’ve felt we probably have too much, so a couple of days ago i put the kefir grains in a small jar with a small amount of milk into the fridge. this significantly slows the process down and you can keep it like this for a couple of weeks before that milk turns to yoghurt. from now on i will make three batches three days in a row and then put the kefir to sleep again.

been reading about what more we can do than make yoghurt and cheese is now on the cards. need to acquire some cheese cloth and read up on the process. if we can make some good cheese, then that would be an improvement on our current cheese situation which involves buying small quantities of expensive imported cheese. some of this isn’t even great quality and is still expensive. there is one local cheese you can buy here though, “rubing” 乳饼. this is goats cheese. we bought some this morning at the market and will fry it with broccoli as a dish for dinner tonight.



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